Utility Billing

Online Payments Currently Not Being Accepted

League City is currently in the process of converting to a new utility billing software system. During the transition, customers will NOT be able to make an online payment.

However, utility payments can be made by providing credit or debit card information to a City cashier at 281-554-1537, in person at City Hall, by mail, or at the night drop box located between City Hall and the Civic Center.

Effective March 12-22, no water bills are due, and the City will NOT cut off services for non-payment.

Should you have any questions, contact utility billing at 281-554-1335 or email Utility Billing.

General Information

The Utility Billing office is located in City Hall, next to Municipal Court and the Johnnie Arolfo Civic Center. Please call 281-554-1335 with utility billing questions. Note: phone calls to Utility Billing and Cashiers are recorded.

For commercial garbage service please call AmeriWaste at 281-585-3200. For water or sewer emergency please call 281-554-1390. Note: Disconnection for non-payment does not constitute an emergency.

For County Tax information, please contact the Office of the Tax Assessor-Collector, County of Galveston.

Eco-Billing - Monthly Billing (Go Paperless)

Avoid the delivery delay of the US Postal Service and receive your monthly water bill one day early via your email.

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Water Usage Tracker (Free Service)

As a pro-active approach to water conservation and alerting our customers of a potential upcoming high water usage bill. View the water usage tracker.

Freeze Your Garbage Service

A customer can request the garbage cost to be suspended, as a courtesy for non-renewable minimum of six months. During this exemption period, the garbage cost can be reactivated and billed without notice, if upon finding:

  • Over 1,000 gallons of water consumption occurs in any one month (Customer’s timed/automated sprinkler/irrigation usage not included)
  • Evidence of occupancy
  • Evidence of attempted or actual use of garbage service

Please complete the Temporary Garbage Billing Exemption Request (PDF) and email it to the Utility Billing Office.