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Water Line Development CIP Projects

Water’s total program for the five-year FY2018-2022 CIP totals $153.06 million with $27.67 million programmed in FY2018 for reinvestment in existing infrastructure, new lines on the west side, new wells, additional ground storage tanks and new water supply.

Projects In Progress At A Glance:

60” Water Line Replace 42” Line on SH3 (WT1502):
This City of Houston project is for the design and construction of 46,200LF of 54”/48”/42” Water Line along Old Galveston Rd to replace the current 42" water line from the Southeast Water Purification Plant (SEWPP) to the City’s SH3 Booster Pump Station located in Webster. The finalized preliminary engineering report identified the State Highway 3 alignment as the most economical and feasible route to construct the replacement water line. This was one of three potential alignments.

36” Water Line SH3 to SSH Booster Station (WT1109):
This project consist of approximately 17,000 ft of 36" C905 PVC pipe, ROW/easement acquisition, environment assessments, and route determination. The pipeline will connect Hwy 3 booster station with South Shore booster station.

Southeast Service Area Trunks (WT1105):
This project provides trunk lines to serve the east side development and redundant supply to the proposed new East Side Elevated.
FY2018: ROW acquisition & construction of Sections 3 & 5
Section 3: East-West section of 24” along FM646 from FM270 to FM1266 (Tuscan Lakes Blvd);
Section 5: East-West section of 24” along FM646 from FM1266 (Tuscan Lakes Blvd) to South Shore Blvd.

Waterline Upgrades & Replacement (WT1302):
This project is an annual program consisting of the engineering, evaluation, and strategic replacement of water distribution lines identified as a priority throughout the City.
FY2016: (1) Construction of the old town north design in FY2014
(2) Design of the Clear Creek Village subdivision
FY2017: (1) Construction of Clear Creek Village (2) design Newport subdivision (3) Design FM518 & SH3 10-inch waterline replacement
FY 2018: (1) Construct FM518 & SH3 10-inch waterline replacement (2) Construction of Newport (3) design Glen Cove and Bayou Brae subdivisions
FY2019: (1) Construct Glen Cove and Bayou Brae (2) design Pecan Forest, Highland Terrace, and Clear Creek Heights subdivisions
FY2020: (1) Construct Pecan Forest, Highland Terrace, and Clear Creek Heights (2) design Dove Meadows and Ellis Landing subdivisions
FY2021: (1) Construct Dove Meadows and Ellis Landing (2) design Landing and Countryside North subdivisions FY2022: Areas to be determined based on priority.

SS Lakes Apartments/FM518 Waterline Extension:
8" WL extension from FM518 to existing WL serving new storage facility.

Annual water System Improvements (WT1402):
FY2018: Third St 0.5 MG GST Improvements - $175,000 Engineering- $22,500 (15%)
Exterior coating, interior coating, leak prevention, structural repairs, doesn’t include cost of mural or clear coat (Welded steel, constructed 1998, 20 yr service life in proposed FY 18)
FY2019: South Shore Harbour 2 x 1MG GST’s: $60,000 Design Interior coating, exterior coating, structural repairs
FY2020: Coating Replacement of South Shore Harbour BPS, 2 X 1MG GST's designed in FY2019 - $400,000
FY2021: South Shore Harbour 2MG Elevated Storage Tank: Design $180,000 Interior coating, exterior coating, structural repairs
FY2022: Coating Replacement of South Shore GST tank designed in FY2021 - $1,100,000

West Side Well, Ground Storage Tank, Generator and Booster Pump Station (WT1707):
Project consists of a new west side well and booster pump station at Bay Colony.
-1500 GPM well
-Pump building
-Misc piping, pumps, electrical and controls
-Chemical Feed system
-0.5MG ground storage tank

24” Water Line Stabilization/Relocation (WT1602):
To stabilize or relocate the 24-inch waterline along League City Parkway (SH96) that runs along the bank of Gay's Pond (just east of Walker St).

New Water Lines to the West Side (WT1706):
This project will consist of obtaining water line easements, design, and construction of approximately 27,550 linear feet of 24-inch water transmission line and 6,900 LF of 16-inch waterline. The 24-inch line will run from the Calder Road pump station south to the future Grand Parkway and head west to the future Bay Area Blvd extension and continue north along Bay Area Blvd north to the American Canal. The 16-inch waterline will follow the future Bay Area Blvd extension from south of the future Grand Parkway easement to FM517.

New Water Supply Strategies (WT1703):
Initial funding for new water supply with ultimate goal of access to 20mg per day.

SEWPP Treatment Improvements:
Funding for plant improvements at the South East Water Production Plant (SEWPP). Costs from the City of Houston and will be passed along to us as a co-partner through Gulf Coast Water Authority. This project provides for the design and construction for plant maintenance, upgrades, security and sustainability.

Need More:
Looking for financial information or more? Quarterly reports include financial information including how much is budgeted and spent-to-date by project. Status Reports include information on the progress and timeline of active projects.
You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking the following: Status Reports

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