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Streets - Roadway Development CIP Projects
FY2018 funding for the Streets CIP program total $8,568,020; of which $3,889,902 is previously sold bonds, $1,002,470 cash funding, $45,000 from the Right-of-Way fund, $1,250,000 in TIRZ 2 funding, and $2,380,648 in FY2018 bond funding.

Projects planned in FY2018 include construct a new traffic signal at League City Parkway and Brittney Lakes Drive/Fennigan Lane with left turn lanes, design a new traffic signal at League City Parkway and Magnolia Lane, construct the Ervin Connector, additional design of the North Landing Extension, design and construct improvements to Walker Street in the TIRZ 2 area, design FM270 widening, and preliminary design of the extension of Palomino Lane.

Projects In Progress At A Glance:

Calder Rd – Ervin to League City Parkway (ST1002):
This is a joint project with Galveston County. In general, the County will be responsible for the design and a portion of the construction, up to a approximately $3,038,000, while the City will be responsible for obtaining additional right-of-way and covering construction costs that exceeding the County's construction budget. The project will convert Calder Road from an open ditch rural roadway to a concrete-curb and gutter enclosed storm sewer roadway. This roadway travels from I-45 State maintenance @ Calder and Turner approximately 5,600 south to Ervin Street. The proposed pavement section will be 3 lanes (2 travel lanes; one center turn lane). The right-of-way on Calder will need an additional 30 feet for a total of 80 feet.

Five Corners Realignment (ST1101):
A design that reduces the turning movements through this acute angled intersection was adopted and approved by TxDOT eliminating the 'Bypass'. This design extends from FM518 across FM2094 and rejoins FM270 on the north side of the Shell station.

SH96/SSH Intersection Improvements (ST1602):
Intersection improvements at South Shore Blvd and SH96. These improvements are intended to address some of the chronic congestion experienced at this intersection during peak hour and on weekends. The improvements will include auxiliary left and right turns on all approaches. The improvements are anticipated to make the intersection 20 to 25 percent more efficient. This should reduce delay and enhance driver satisfaction.

Master Mobility Plan (ST1603):
This project will update the Master Mobility Plan.

FM270 & Austin New Traffic Signal (TR1101):
Design and construct traffic signal at the intersection of FM270 and Austin St.

North Landing Blvd Extension:
The proposed project includes the construction of approximately 1.7 miles of four-lane urban divided boulevard. Two bridges are included in this project (including one over Clear Creek). The estimated construction cost for this project is $15.3 million and the preliminary engineering and final design is $1.57 million. TxDOT review fee $60K. Design and TxDOT review fee are part of TR1105 HGAC/TIP Design project. The actual right-of-way cost is still being determined, but is estimated at 90-foot ROW. The project requires an Advance Funding Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to maintain eligibility for state and federal funding. Grant funding of 80% construction is based on TxDOT accepting project.

Ervin Connector (TR1501):
This project will consist of design and construction of Ervin from Calder Rd to the new Hobbs Road extension (approximately 1,850 feet). This phase includes Ervin as a two concrete roadway with curb and gutter. Right-of-way will be required on Ervin at 100 feet. Ultimately, Ervin will be four lanes concrete roadway with curb and gutter and will extend to Brookport.

Walker St Corridor Upgrades:
Projects to improve traffic operations in the Victory Lakes (TIRZ 2) area on Walker St between FM646 and Kessler's Crossing. Projects include the following for FY 2018: install a new traffic signal at the Lowes driveway on Walker Street; expand the southbound approach of Walker St. at FM646 to 5-lanes (1-rt turn lane, 2-thru lanes and 2-lt turn lanes); modify the signal at Walker St and FM 646 as appropriate to accommodate these improvements. FY2019: evaluate and identify other operational improvements needed within the TIRZ, including the need for a traffic signal at Walker Street and Kessler's Crossing.

FM270 Widening (south of FM518 to FM646):
This project was identified in the approved Master Mobility Plan and is part of the Phase 1 implementation. This project includes the widening of 2.68 miles of FM 270 from south of FM 518 through the SH 96 intersection from a two lane roadway to a four lane divided roadway with curb and gutter. All widening will take place within the existing TxDOT right-of-way. Once design is complete, staff will look for construction funding through partnership with HGAC/TxDOT.

Palomino Lane Extension:
This project consists of design and construction to extend Palomino Lane to the north from its current concrete pavement endpoint at Clear Springs High School, crossing Clear Creek, to Grissom Rd. The project is proposed to be a concrete pavement boulevard section with a raised median and enclosed conduit storm sewer system, with a bridge spanning Clear Creek. The project will include a pedestrian connection along the new roadway.

Annual Stormwater Improvements (Reinvestment DR1102):
The project consists of proposed improvements to the following drainage rights-of-way:
FY 2018: (1) Interurban Ditch (1400LF) north from FM 518 $225K; (2) general drainage evaluation $300K
FY 2019: (1) Bradshaw Road (1600LF) SW from SH3 to the north line of CCISD's Parr Elementary School - Design $240K; (2) FM518-Myrtlewood Ditch (1400LF) - Design $120K
FY 2020: (1) Newport Ditch (900LF) north from FM518 - Design $160K
FY 2021: (1) Bradshaw Road (1600LF) SW from SH3 to the north line of CCISD's Parr Elementary School – Construction $2M; (2) Newport Ditch (900LF) north from FM518 - Environmental Mitigation $560K
FY 2022: (1) FM518-Myrtlewood Ditch (1400LF) - Construction $3M; (2) Newport Ditch (900LF) north from FM518 - Construction $2.42M.

Reinvestment Projects In Progress At A Glance:

Sidewalk Replacements (Reinvestment RE1701):
These funds are intended to begin to productively address the many sidewalk failures that plague our community. This will fund the work orders for sidewalk repairs (formerly address with project ST1302) and if possible, other areas of the City identified by staff in need of sidewalk repairs.

Street Reconstruction (Reinvestment RE1702):
This project is intended to begin a formal program to systematically replace streets and drainage as they wear out and/or become functionally obsolete.


Design reconstruction of N. Kansas, Calder South, Dickinson Ave, and St. Christopher ($2,459,691)
Major concrete panel repair at League City Parkway/Hobbs and Landing ($500,000)

FY2018: ($8.265M)

(1) Construct reconstruction of N. Kansas ($3.77M) and St. Christopher ($2.53M) and (2) concrete panel repairs (LC Pkwy W of Hobbs and Landing between SH96 & FM518) ($600K)
Priority of remaining projects as funding allows each year:
(1) Land acquisition for Calder South and Dickinson Ave
(2) Design reconstruction Grissom Rd (4 lane) (time with waterline along Grissom)
(3) Construct reconstruction of Calder South and Dickinson Ave
(4) Construct reconstruction of Grissom Rd (2 Lane)
(5) Candidate projects: Smith Lane, Wesley, Perkins, Wisconsin and Austin. Future project will include looking at the oldest residential subdivisions and evaluate those streets for replacement, including Clear Creek Village, Newport Subdivision, Patton and The Landing.

Asphalt Street Rehabilitation (Reinvestment RE1704):
Annual Program to resurface/rehabilitate over asphalt street on a 10 to 12 year cycle. An initial list includes but is not limited to: Shellside, Historic District north and south of FM518, W Wilkins/ W Saunders, W of RR Tracks, Crystal to Main and the Historic District
FY2017: $2M project RE1704A 2017 Asphalt Street Rehabilitation (package 1 & 2) FY2018: $150K for Smith Lane; $1.25M to construct package 3

Butler/Turner Improvements (Reinvestment ST1501):
In conjunction with the improvements along Calder Road from Ervin to Turner, improvements need to be made to Turner from Calder to Butler, the intersection of Turner and Butler, and to Butler from just south of Turner to League City Parkway. These improvements include the widening of Turner to three lanes thus matching the lane configuration of Calder, the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Turner and Butler will enhance the intersection efficiency, and to widen Butler to provide for the appropriate lane configuration needed at the intersection of Butler and League City Parkway. ROW will be required along all three roadways.

Need More:
Looking for financial information or more? Quarterly reports include financial information including how much is budgeted and spent-to-date by project. Status Reports include information on the progress and timeline of active projects.
You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking the following: Status Reports

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