What You Can Compost

Put These in Your Compost Bin

  • Egg shells (crushed)
  • Feathers
  • Fruit peel and cores, juicer leftovers
  • Grass clippings in moderate amounts
  • Leaves
  • Pet and human hair
  • Soft cardboard such as egg cartons, ripped into small pieces
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Twigs, hedge trimmings
  • Vegetable peelings

Do Not Put These in Your Compost Bin

  • Branches, unless chipped, and then only in moderate amounts
  • Cat litter
  • Coal ash
  • Cooked or baked foods
  • Dairy waste
  • Diseased plants
  • Dog and cat waste
  • Human waste
  • Meat, raw or cooked
  • Rocks, gravel, bricks, rubble
  • Starchy food waste (bread etc.)