Resale Fashion Finds

"Military influence in fashion is strong. Not just a trend." - Glamour Spring Style Tip

A green women's jacket.

Kids can be green fashionistas too!

A green jacket and white pants.

"It's no longer a shame to wear it this way!" - Allure Spring Style Tip

Denim jumpsuit

"Glitter always does a girl good." - Allure Spring Style Tip

Black blouse and silver shoes

Pair with a jacket for day wear!

White top and jeans hanging up

"Designers have gone dotty for dots..." Glamour Spring Fashion Tip

Black and white polka dot dress

"Take a walk on the wild side." Allure Spring Style Tip

A black and white women's top with a black skirt.

Shopping resale for maternity makes sense!

A green shirt hanging up with white pants.