Organizational Values

Promote Trust and Accountability 

The City of League City is committed to public accountability through transparency, effective communication and active citizen involvement. Organizational activities will promote full disclosure and open, honest communication with the community, public officials, and employees. 

Plan Responsibly and act Decisively

The City of League City recognizes that a sustainable future requires actions based upon sound planning. Planning must ensure demand-driven resource acquisition, continuous strengthening of available resources, and the effective and efficient implementation of adopted plans. 

Maintain "World Class" Customer Service 

The City of League City is committed to maintaining both a governing body and professional staff that recognizes, anticipates, and proactively responds to the needs of citizens. This requires a progressive and dynamic organizational culture that delivers "world class" customer service, is results oriented, and incorporates innovation and technology to foster the most prudent use of public resources. 

Promote a "Healthy" Community

The City of League City is focused on a future of physical and fiscal health and wellness that strives for balance and diversity in being an exceptional place to live, work, play, shop, and gather. In doing so, the City will take a responsible, strategic approach to growth, economic development, infrastructure, and major investments.

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