Getting / Changing a PIN

Defining the PIN

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4-digit number that is required for e-library transactions in which personal information is transmitted.

Receiving Your PIN

Your PIN is randomly assigned when you apply for a library card and is given out at the time. If you forgot your PIN, you may inquire at the circulation desk.

Changing Your PIN

It is possible to change your PIN to another 4-digit number that can be easily remembered. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you know your PIN, do one of the following:
    • The short way: go to the User Pin Change screen and enter the number on the back of your library card (no spaces) and your 4-digit PIN when prompted.
    • Another way: log in to the online catalog. Do not enter the spaces when entering the 14-digit card number. In the menu bar, click on "My Account", then on "User PIN change". Fill in the fields in the form to change your PIN and click on "Change PIN".
  • Present your library card at the circulation desk in the library and request a PIN change.