Volunteers in Policing

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community while interacting with other civic-minded individuals, police officers, and the citizens of League City? Become a police volunteer for League City Police Department.

Volunteers in Policing was created by the League City Police Department in an effort to support and supplement existing police services. Police volunteers serve the community in several ways. The Department believes that serving League City is a partnership with citizens. We encourage our citizens to get involved with causes that matter to them. Crime prevention and quality of life issues impact us all. Being part of the VIP Program allows you to interact with your law enforcement agency while serving the community.

Volunteers in Policing Car

Citizens on Patrol

The League City Police Department values our police volunteers. In 2009, a retired fleet patrol vehicle was designated to assist them in their volunteer duties. This vehicle is utilized by our police volunteers for disabled parking enforcement, CID canvassing, Operation Find Me, and code compliance duties. A second retired vehicle is on the way!

Code Compliance

VIPs assist with code compliance enforcement issues including removal of prohibited signs, reporting graffiti, and overgrown yards. The purpose of this program is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living environment in our community.

These city ordinance violations are reported by the police volunteers at which time code compliance follows up to ensure corrective actions are taken to maintain a high quality of life for the citizens. For more information or to report a code violation, visit our Code Compliance page.

Operation Find Me

Emergency responders want to be able to find you when you need us. Operation Find Me is an initiative where VIPs patrol League City neighborhoods to ensure address numbers are visible to first responders.

Criminal Investigations Divisions (CID) Canvassing

Trained volunteers are given criminal case packets and assigned a target area to make contact with League City citizens in an effort to obtain case-related information. This information is utilized to develop investigative leads and resolve local crimes.

Disabled Parking Enforcement

This program offers the opportunity to enforce disabled parking violations, as well as, educate citizens about privileged parking. Teams of police volunteers patrol League City parking lots, documenting violations and issuing citations and warnings to vehicle owners parked illegally.

Become a Police Volunteer

The first step is to apply for our Citizen Police Academy (PDF). All League City Police VIPs are graduates from our Citizen Police Academy. After learning more about LCPD, many graduates want to stay actively involved and choose to become a police volunteer.

Our volunteers are required to undergo and pass a federal background and driving history check annually. Training is provided to the volunteer to learn the policies, standard operating procedures, and practical knowledge required to be a part of the program. The training includes both a classroom setting and practical portion. This ensures our VIPs are equipped with the skills and knowledge to serve our citizens.

Contact our Volunteers In Policing (VIP) Coordinator Officer Todd Young at 281-554-1848.


There are many benefits to becoming a police volunteer. This opportunity allows citizens to come together in service to their community and interact with local law enforcement. Our police volunteers are encouraged to ride along with League City Police Officers.