Cold Cases Unit  

What Is a Cold Case? 

A cold case is a criminal investigation that has not been solved after initial investigative efforts and leads have been exhausted. By definition a cold case can be any unsolved crime, however, true cold cases are those that have no statute of limitations on them, such as homicides, unidentified remains or missing persons cases where foul play is suspected. The League City Police Department has several cold cases that range from 1981 to 1997. These cases include homicides, missing persons and unidentified persons.  

Unsolved Homicides 

The League City Police Department is seeking public assistance in solving the following unsolved cold cases. If you have any information that may help solve these cases, please contact 281-338-8220 or email Cold Cases Unit.  

Cold Case Contact

Detective Gina Vogel
Email Gina Vogel

John Doe - Cold Case #83-249

Sketch John Doe 1983

Heidi Fye - Cold Case #84-609

Heidi Fye Photo

Cheryl Martin - Cold Case #89-1989

 Cheryl Martin Photo

Laura Miller - Cold Case #86-217

Laura Miller Photo

Audrey Cook - Cold Case #86-216

Audrey Cook Photo

Donna Prudhomme - Cold Case #91-2200

Donna Prudhomme Photo

John Doe - Cold Case #ML-81-540/A-81-177

Image Not Available Graphic