Downtown Revitalization Efforts

Importance of Downtown

Downtown areas are the most recognizable part of any city. It provides us with an opportunity to make a positive statement about our community and often serves as a community gathering spot. People choose a to live in a community because it's the area they feel most at home and have a sense of belonging.

Downtown areas serve as a pacesetter for the City's overall economy and culture. Preserving League City's rich history, community connections and making our City a tourist destination will play a crucial role as the City continues to grow.

Looking for details on the proposed downtown revitalization efforts? Read below or download Revitalizing Historic League City (PDF).

Revitalization Efforts

The conceptual plan for Phase 1 proposes downtown redevelopment within the boundaries of FM 518 from State Highway 3 to Iowa Avenue and on Park Avenue from East Wilkins Street to just north of 3rd Street. Renderings of the proposed redevelopments are included in the presentation provided to City Council on May 10, 2016 (PDF). Redevelopment plans include:

  • Main Street (Highway 3 to Park Avenue)
    • Downtown entryway with gateway sign, pedestrian plazas, key entry markers and new/redeveloped buildings
    • Enhanced streetscaping
    • Mixed-use development (e.g., lofts and retail) framing the roadway
    • Parking improvements on public right-of-way and at rear or side of developed buildings
    • Pedestrian crossings at intersections
  • Main Street (Park Avenue to Iowa Avenue)
    • Development framing roadway
    • Improved streetscaping (i.e., period lighting, benches, bike racks, wayfinding signage)
    • Maintain Butler Oaks' health and vitality
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Tree canopy enhancement
  • Park Avenue
    • Enhanced streetscaping (i.e., period lighting, trees, benches, bike facilities, and wayfinding signage)
    • 'Milby's Corner' after Milby Butler who was George W. Butler's son and a well-known longhorn breeder.
    • Repavement and safety improvements of Park Avenue and Main Street Intersection; intersection renamed to
    • Street parking expansion includes angled and paralleled parking along Park Avenue
  • League Park
    • Additional sprucing up and updating
    • Enhanced League Park that serves a destination and entertainment area (e.g., Farmer's Market, live performances, events, concerts, etc.) 
    • Historic themed touchstone piece
    • Protection of existing trees and gazebo
    • Trail connecting to trail head

Downtown Revitalization Proposed Renderings

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