4B Industrial Development Corporation

Section 4B Industrial Development Corporation

The City of League City Section 4B Industrial Development Corporation was created by City Council ordinance 94 to 54 on June 2, 1994. The Corporation is funded with a ¼ cent local sales and use tax to "promote and develop amateur sports facilities."

League City residents approved the ¼ cent local sales tax which allows the City to allocate funds to specific projects related to amateur sports facilities. An appointed Board oversees expenditures. The Chester L. Davis Sportsplex and Hometown Heroes Park were partially funded through 4B sources. Funding is tax based, and therefore increases to the City's commercial tax base would allow for additional funding opportunities through Section 4B. Several trail facilities are currently being considered for funding, as well as improvements to Hometown Heroes Park and an additional entrance to the Sportsplex. The 4B currently has over $3 million in reserves.

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