Water Production

The Water Production Department consists of 20 full-time employees. It is made up of four divisions: Operations, Maintenance, Water Quality, and Administration. The department maintains and operates 14 facilities, which consists of ten booster pump stations, four elevated storage tanks, and nine groundwater wells.


The Water Production Department is responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This consists of controlling and monitoring water pressure, tank levels, and disinfectant levels on a daily basis at each facility, including the water distribution system.


The Operations Division reads each station daily and logs their findings. Operators adjust tank levels, pressure, and chlorine disinfectant levels based on daily readings. It also assists in line distribution maintenance by flushing dead-end fire hydrants on a monthly basis. Operators also respond to customer pressure complaints in the distribution system, and they assist in finding the source of the issue.  


The Maintenance division is responsible for maintaining 44 pumps and motors of various sizes, flow control valves, chemical feed equipment, and automation control components. Our maintenance technicians perform 3,500 preventive maintenance activities annually on all equipment to ensure functionality and reliability of each facility.

Water Quality

The Water Quality Division is responsible for over 1,200 annual regulatory compliance samples for the state and over 750 annual preventive measures that include water quality sample checks throughout the water distribution system. Water Quality is also responsible for commissioning new waterline construction for future development, which consists of sampling, flushing, and activation. Staff also addresses any water quality complaints residents may have by thoroughly investigating the potential cause of the issue. This division also performs special waterline flushing projects, such as unidirectional flushing and area wide systematic flushing. This ensures water quality standards are being met for League City.

The Water Production Department has staff on call during after hours, weekends, and holidays to respond to emergency calls for service and repairs.


Water Production Staff

Title Phone Email
Jody Hooks
Director of Public Works
281-554-1321 Email Jody Hooks
Tommy Arredondo
Public Works Utility Manager
281-554-1040 Email Tommy Arredondo
Perla Farias
Administrative Assistant 281-554-1041 Email Perla Farias
Mike Moreno
Water Quality Supervisor
281-554-1042 Email Mike Moreno
Augie Arredondo
Maintenance Supervisor 281-554-1047 Email Augie Arredondo
Ruben Leos
Water Production Supervisor
281-554-1045 Email Ruben Leos
Alex Trujillo
Water Production Supervisor
281-554-1043 Email Alex Trujillo