Captain H2O

captain h2o - plastic mascot

Who is Captain H2O?

I am the awesome mascot for our League City Water Wise Team!

What do you do?

I promote water conservation to everyone and anyone I meet. I go to different places across the City like schools, parks and public events. I love interacting with people and dancing or taking selfies!

What’s is your favorite place in League City?

That’s easy, our water treatment plants of course! We treat water and make it clean so that we can use it to irrigate our beautiful golf courses and landscapes.

Favorite park in League City?

I love the Ghirardi Family WaterSmart Park. It is a three-acre passive park which is dedicated to teaching citizens ways to conserve their water use at home. It has community garden areas, native planting displays, a rain garden, a theater area as an outdoor classroom as well, and a small nature play area.


I love taking a quick Zumba class at Hometown Heroes Park (a guy like me has to stay in shape) and then take a dip in the pool. Swimming is so much fun!

Favorite restaurant in League City?

I love the Natural Living Co-Op in downtown League City. Their “House Fermented Organic Vegan Kefir water” is the best I’ve had!

Favorite quote?

Don't flush our planet's most valuable resource!

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