Youth Programming

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Art Class

Participants will go over sketching, painting and mix media. With sketching participants will be learning volume base on light and shadows. Participants will learn color, volume and perspective with acrylic paint. Every session consists of 4, 1.5 hour classes. Equipment is provided. Classes are available for ages 6 to 16 years. 


Fencing is an activity like no other. It is a very physical sport with split-second challenges for the mind. A fencer must not only cross blades, but match wits with their opponent. Fencing is often referred to as "physical chess" and, like a chess player, a fencer must learn to swiftly make moves and countermoves, using their mind and body in place of a chess piece. Many games let you pretend to cross blades with an adversary. Fencing lets you do the deed. Local competitions range from events for those age 8 and under to those for fencers age 70+. There is even wheelchair fencing! Truly, this is an activity you can continue your entire life. Besides, it’s sword fighting! How cool is that?

Fencing instruction is provide John Trojanowski for people 7 and older. We offer intro and intermediate fencing throughout the year. Every session consists of 4, 1 hour classes. Equipment is provided.

Home-school PE

Home-school PE is offered for all grade levels during September thru May, every session consists of eight classes, twice a week. Each session will have a sport focus that changes month to month to introduce the kids to a variety of activities and sports.


Karate instruction is provided by American Society of Karate. Karate is offered for ages 5 and older and is offered year-round. Classes are one hour long. The sessions vary in number of classes. As you gain self-confidence while learning art, sport, and self-defense of American Karate. To view our class video, visit our website at There is a $40 uniform fee that is paid directly to the instructor.

Kids Night at the Rec

One Friday every month, during the school year, we offer Kids Night at the Rec from 6-10pm for kids 6-12 years old. The cost includes dinner. Kids will get to play games, watch movies and do arts and crafts.


Cheerleading is offered in the Summer and Winter to boys and girls 3- 11 year’s old. Registration includes a cheer practice shirt, pompoms, and a bow. Optional performance uniforms may be purchased at an additional cost. Participants will have the opportunity to cheer at the League City basketball games during the Winter and Summer league. 


Tennis instruction is provided by Bay Area Racquet Club and is offered for kids 5-14 years old and adult ages 18 and older. Classes are provided year-round. Every session consists of 4, 1 hour classes. In the Summer months tennis camps are weekly in June and July.

Taste of Code Ninjas

• A Brand-new program that introduces coding, robotics and STEM to young learners!
• Instructor led classes held 4 times a month.
• Sessions are separated by plugged (computer / Tablet) and un-plugged STEM activities.
• Teaches students problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking skills in a fun environment.
• Parents are welcome to stay in the lobby, or drop-off.

JR Program (Ages 5-7)
Each week will be centered on a new core coding concept and incorporate STEM activities, Snap Circuits and robotics alongside the coding platform. Class will meet once a week for an hour.
- Core Coding Concepts include: Algorithms & Sequencing, Debugging, Loops, Conditionals, Events, Decomposition, Stacks & Queues, etc.
- During the STEM activities students will get essential Skills to design, build, and create projects that involve a variety of tools and materials from our STEM kit
- Kids will get introduction to Code their Own Arcade game using ScratchJr. They will learn computer science concepts by creating various ScratchJr games – such as Space Jam, Secret Agent, I Spy and Maze Olympics – and develop their own original game.

Youth Program (Ages 8-15)

Each week will be centered on a new core concept and incorporate STEM activities, coding, circuits design, robotics, game modifications in Roblox and Minecraft. Class will meet once a week for two hours.
- Storytelling and Moviemaking in Minecraft: Introduction to the digital modeling processes and storytelling as they build scenes in Minecraft® and produce stories in their digital world.
- Hackers Wanted: Uncover the Code in Roblox: Spark their imagination and explore game concepts through Roblox, no matter what your level – from beginner to expert!
- Code Your Own Arcade from Scratch: kids will become game builders for a week at Code their Own Arcade from Scratch camp!
- MakeCode Arcade games: Using JavaScript, MakeCode Arcade kids will learn the power of coding to create retro video games and bring them to life on a handheld gaming device
- Minecraft Create + Roblox and Designing Modifications with Minecraft: create 2D and 3D textures for their Minecraft® world along with their very own custom content - including weapons, armor, and enemies!
- Become a Roblox Developer: fully guided experience for ninjas to learn the basics of game building and creative development in an online gaming platform called Roblox
- Each week sessions will cover a creating a new game using JavaScript, blocky coding, building their own game and modification to existing games with exposure to various coding languages and technology to find their hidden talent and interest in Science, Technology, and engineering.

Registration Information

Registration for our programs can be done online or in person at Hometown Heroes Park. To register online, an account is needed. To create an account please come to Hometown Heroes Park. If you are a League City resident you will need a valid ID and current water bill. If you are a non-resident, you will need a valid ID. If you have any questions, call 281-554-1180.

Creating an Account (Household)

Household accounts can now be created online. To create an account, visit: Online Parks and Rec Registration and click on new account and fill in the required fields. Please make sure to add everyone living in your household, including children. After setting up your household account, League City residents must email a copy of their water bill to Brooke Holliday at to verify residency and have their account approved. Households must be approved before any registration can occur. Accounts can take up to 72 hours to be approved. 

Accounts can also be created in person at Hometown Heroes Park. League City residents will need to bring in a valid ID and their League City water bill. Non-residents will need to bring in a valid ID.