Utility Billing Portal 

General Information

The Utility Billing Office handles water, sewage and garbage billing for the City. The office is located in City Hall next to the Municipal Court and the Johnnie Arolfo Civic Center.

Important notice:

Please be informed that you will see a slight rate increase in your June billing statement as part of the City’s annual water and sewer rate adjustment. Depending on your consumption usage, you may see an increase in your bill in the range of $0.27- $10. This increase was adopted and approved on February 25, 2020. The rate increase will be incremental over a five-year timeframe. The first installment of this plan took place in April of 2020. Please refer to the chart here for rate increases.
For FAQ's about the rate increase, click here.

*Please note that all billing is based on your actual water consumption and may be outside of the projected range. For questions regarding the upcoming rate increase, please contact our office at (281) 554-1335.

Garbage Rate Increase 

As of May 1, 2021, League City garbage rates will increase for customers from $18.26 to $18.45. This is an annual adjustment that's part of AmeriWaste’s contract with the City of League City.

Graphic of waterline, sewer, and trash bin. text residential utility billing.
Graphic of commercial waterlines and water heater. text commercial utility billing.