Budget Workshops

  1. FY 2020 Budget Season Underway
  2. Proposed Budget for FY 2020
  3. FY 2020 Budget Video

FY 2020 Budget Season Underway

On Tuesday, July 9, League City Manager John Baumgartner and City staff presented the League City Council with a proposed budget for the upcoming 2020 Fiscal Year, which begins October 1, 2019. See the Proposed FY 2020 Budget. The proposed budget was prepared with a focus on the following critical success factors which make up the City’s Strategic Action Plan. 

  • Develop and Maintain our Infrastructure
  • Financially Sustainable
  • Safe and Desirable Community
  • Quality Community Amenities
  • Trained, Committed, and Valued Workforce
  • Engaged Residents
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Quality-Built Environment

Public Workshops Scheduled

Over the next several weeks, the League City Council will begin reviewing the proposed budget at a series of public workshops and hearings. See below for a schedule of public meetings and well as an overall timeline for the FY 2020 Budget process.
Budget 2020 Flyer