FM 518 and Wesley Drive Drainage Improvements

Budget: $3 million

Scope of work: Reconstruction of portions of Wesley Drive for improved drainage to Corum Ditch. Purchase land and construct detention pond near Wesley Drive and Corum Ditch.

Subdivisions, areas, or streets impacted: Main Street, Highland Terrance subdivision, Calder Road (east of I-45), Wesley Drive and Pecan Drive areas


project timeline-fm518 and wesley drive drainage-01

Project Status as of December 2021

GO Bond Project. Notified on July 24, 2020 that CDBG-DR will pay 75% of project cost with City portion at 25%; grant kickoff meeting with GLO was on Sept. 16; RFQ selection for design engineer; proposal requested from Gauge Engineering in late March 2021; first draft received on April 8; Council awarded design contract to Gauge Engineering at April 27, 2021 Council meeting. Kickoff meeting held on May 13, 2021; preliminary engineering activities and surveying began on May 24, 2021. Received initial H&H study on June 29; developing 2-D models. Draft drainage report received on October 26; City staff comments returned on November 17. Option 1 was selected, which keeps the project in budget. Received finalized drainage report on December 2, 2021. Consultant is requesting a 70-day extension to accommodate additional coordination and analysis to evaluate additional conveyance and detention options beyond the original project scope per the request of engineering, which produced a no detention option which fits within the City budget. Per the revised schedule, delivery of the 60% design plans is anticipated in April 2022.

Original Schedule

The original schedule, as of September 2019, shows design programmed in quarter 4 of 2021 through quarter 2 of 2022 for FM518 & Wesley Dr. Drainage Improvements. Construction bidding is scheduled for quarter 3 of 2023 with construction following through quarter 4 of 2023. Construction time is an estimate as each bid is awarded based on cost and time submitted by the contractor.

Current Schedule

The current schedule, as of December 2021, for the FM518 and Wesley Dr. Drainage Improvements project shows the grant application complete from quarter 1 of 2019 through quarter 2 of 2020. Grant award was complete in quarter 3 through 4 of 2020 with grant kickoff completed in quarter 1 of 2021. RFQ for design services required by the grant complete in quarter 2 of 2021. Design is programmed from quarter 3 of 2021 to quarter 2 of 2022. Construction bidding is programmed for quarter 3 of 2022. Construction is programmed for quarter 4 of 2022 through quarter 4 of 2023. Construction time is an estimate as each bid is awarded based on cost and time submitted by the contractor.

Project Manager Contact Information

Danny Carder
Phone: 281-554-1443
Email Danny Carder