Newport and Ellis Landing Subdivision Drainage Improvements

Budget: $406,000

Scope of work: Increase capacity and efficiency of existing drainage easements to improve flow. Improve easements/rights-of-way with either earthen swales or concrete channels for unrestricted flow paths to Newport Ditch.

Subdivisions, areas, or streets impacted: Newport and Ellis Landing


project timeline-newport and ellis landing drainage-01

Project Status as of December 2021

GO Bond Project; FEMA HMGP will provide 75% of the funding with the City's 25% Local Cost Share being covered by CDBG-DR funds; preliminary engineering activities and surveying began on May 24, 2021 and completed on May 28. Topo survey and geotechnical services were completed. 30% design plans received on September 8; comments returned on September 22. 60% plans received on December 20 and currently under staff review.

Original Schedule

The original schedule, as of September 2019, shows design in progress from quarter 1 of 2020 through quarter 2 of 2021 for Newport & Ellis Landing Drainage Improvements. Land acquisition phase begins in quarter 3 of 2020 through quarter 2 of 2021. Construction bidding is scheduled for quarter 3 of 2021 with construction following through quarter 4 of 2022. Construction time is an estimate as each bid is awarded based on cost and time submitted by the contractor.

Current Schedule

The current schedule, as of December 2021, for the Newport and Ellis Landing Drainage Improvements project shows grant application complete in quarter 1 of 2019 through quarter 3 of 2020. Grant award was complete in quarter 4 of 2020 with grant kickoff complete in quarter 1 of 2021. RFQ for design services required by grant was completed for quarter 2 of 2021. Design is in progress from quarter 2 of 2021 through quarter 3 of 2022. Land acquisition is programmed from quarter 1 of 2022 through quarter 2 of 2022. Construction bidding is programmed for quarter 3 of 2022. Construction is programmed for quarter 4 of 2022 through quarter 4 of 2023. Construction time is an estimate as each bid is awarded based on cost and time submitted by the contractor.

Project Manager Contact Information

Danny Carder
Phone: 281-554-1443
Email Danny Carder