Study Area

Study Area Map

The study area includes the portion of the Clear Creek watershed within Galveston and Harris Counties beginning near Dixie Farm Road, and the Dickinson Bayou Watershed located in Galveston County.

Clear Creek Watershed 

  • Approximately 200 square miles
  • Adjoining waterways, including Armand Bayou Watershed, Sims Bayou Watershed, Vince Bayou Watershed, Upper Coastal Watershed, Dickinson Bayou Watershed, and Galveston Bay

Dickinson Bayou Watershed 

  • Approximately 100 square miles
  • Adjoining waterways, including Clear Creek, Halls Bayou Watershed, Highland/Basford Watershed, Moses Bayou Watershed, Upper Coastal Watershed, and Galveston Bay

The expected completion time frame is 2021. The Study includes three separate phases, totaling approximately $1.3 million of allocated funds.

Study Schedule 

Phase I

Discovery and Baselining (through Spring 2020) – this phase includes collection and review of data, planning of partner engagement, evaluating funding opportunities for engineering services, and implementing community engagement.

Phase II

Watershed Study (through Winter 2020) – this phase includes development of hydrologic models, assessment of flood hazards, completion of a future flood risk planning assessment, development of a watershed study summary, and refinement of the project definition.

Phase III

Project Identification (through early Summer 2021) – this phase includes the development of preliminary concepts, refinement of alternatives, identifying construction project funding opportunities, recognizing recommendations and prioritization, and implementing community engagement.

Study Process Graphic