City Council Election 2020

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In September and October, all of the candidates were invited to participate in 30-minute "Lunch and Learn" Live interviews on the City's Facebook page with League City Director of Communications Sarah Greer Osborne; however, not all of the candidates were able to participate. Recorded interviews of the candidates who participated are located below.

John BowenJohn Bowen

As a 14-year resident, 12 on the west side and 2 on the east side, I believe I bring a unique perspective to understanding the issues that face all League City residents today. I believe in fiscal responsibility and accountability. Our ongoing needs of public safety, drainage, and infrastructure—including traffic—need a consistent, well-planned, forward-looking, and cost-effective approach. Additionally, I would propose a rigorous and ongoing lessons-learned review of our projects and regulations to ensure the best foundation to build upon for our future. Finally, I have chosen to self-fund my campaign, which I believe demonstrates my fiscal responsibility. This also allows me to be an impartial representative of the City I love and chose twice to be my home. My special interests are the citizens of League City. Please vote for John Bowen, position 4.

Shawn ByarsShawn Byars

I am running for League City Council to ensure that we best utilize the taxpayers’ money while still providing a high quality of life for current and future residents. Our community is growing at an unprecedented rate, and it is thriving. Families move to League City for the superior schools, safe neighborhoods, and quality of life. League City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) has about $440 million dollars over the next five years for infrastructure improvements, which includes water supply, wastewater handling, flood mitigation, roads, quality amenities, and City buildings. As a council member I will work to ensure that City staff has the resources and manpower needed to execute these projects in a timely and cost-effective manner while maintaining a high level of accountability. I will assess future projects based on their necessity, utilization, and cost effectiveness. We are moving in the right direction and need to stay the course.

Rachel McAdamRachel McAdam

League City has proudly been my family’s home for the past 11 years. I am a mother, educator, and leader. I want to give back to this outstanding community by ensuring that on the council there is accountability, responsible growth, public safety, and servant leadership. League City is a City of Choice and I want to continue to build on this tradition as our City grows. I recognize the value of being a good steward of taxpayers’ money. As a school principal, I know how to do more with less and I would approach the League City budget in the same way. As a public servant for the past 15 years, I understand building relationships and communication is key when representing the residents of League City.


Ange MertensAnge Mertens

I have lived in League City for 19 years. I chose to raise my three amazing daughters in this community because League City is upwardly mobile but still grounded in history. I think we can all agree that our major concerns are flooding, traffic, and infrastructure for our explosive growth. I would like to be hyper-focused on pushing road projects to completion and that all new growth is structured to mitigate flooding and leave the surrounding areas safer than they were before new construction. Truly, the best part of our city is its citizens and a lot are hurting right now because of the pandemic. I would implore citizens to use our collective strength and shop local, eat local, and look for local services to patronize.

Wes ChornWes Chorn

As a longtime resident of League City, I look forward to serving as your League City Councilman. My conservative values, integrity, business savvy intelligence, and self-starter attitude have helped me accomplish many goals in my lifetime. As an experienced business owner, I will use my ability to manage people and resources, budget, and incorporate fiscal responsibility while maintaining an open mind. I have honesty and integrity to represent the people of League City.

The following are some of my primary focuses:

  • Improve drainage through the expedient implementation of projects.
  • Prepare for City expansion by implementing traffic, housing, and business plans for long-term growth.
  • Manage expenses. My plan is to review expenditures for League City as if it is my personal money.
  • Support the police. I am a huge supporter of the League City Police department, including equipping officers with safety equipment. I believe officers need the authority to do their job.

Vote Yes for Wes!

Justin HicksJustin Hicks

I’ve lived in League City for over 12 years and am an Air Force Veteran, a husband, and a father of four girls. I’m a conservative patriot and Christian, without apology. Polarizing times have inspired me to serve again. Now is the time for our citizens to have a voice. I’ve served my civilian career as an engineer and project manager in commercial maritime. My greatest strengths are delivering large projects and unique problem solving.

We need to ensure that liberal policies stay out of our City. Let’s protect our small businesses and support our police and first responders. I reject the idea of “not my job” or “nothing we can do.” It’s defeatism. I don’t subscribe to that.

We fight for what is right and we never give up.

I STAND for the flag and KNEEL before the Lord.

God bless League City, Texas, and the United States.

Fred RogersFred Rogers

After 30 years of military service, my wife and I chose to retire and make League City our forever home. It is my core belief that every city is populated with both residents and citizens. Residents reside in a place, while citizens immerse themselves in adding value to that place. I’m running for City Council because I am a citizen. My overarching platform is to remain laser focused on addressing the challenges that come along with our explosively growing city. Therefore, I will address all challenges, first, last, and always by listening to the opinions and recommendations of our city manager, department heads, and strategic partners on the most pragmatic ways to meet the needs of the future. For me priority one, two, and three are the same: Identify the pros/cons that come along with growth and implement a well-thought-out plan to properly address the issues.

Visit the General Election website for more details about the upcoming election. 

Election your vote counts

  1. Election Day Voting

Election Day Voting, November 3

(7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Locations within League City include:

  • North County Annex, 174 Calder Rd., Room 142
  • Hometown Heroes, 1001 East League City Parkway
  • Creekside Intermediate, 4320 West Main St.
  • Dominion Church, 6400 Calder Rd.
  • League City Rec. Room, 450 West Walker St.
  • College of the Mainland North County, 200 Parker Ct.
  • League City Intermediate, 2588 Webster St.
  • League City Blue Building, 144 Park Ave., Suite 200
  • League City Public Works, 1701 W. League City Parkway
  • The Watershed, 1751 East League City Parkway
  • Ferguson Elementary, 1910 S. Compass Rose

League City Election Day Voting Locations Map