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January 8, 2022, at 8:00 am

(Location is tentatively set for Bayside Intermediate School, 4430 Village Way, League City)



Recruiting Event At LCPD

Recruiting events at LCPD is for those thinking about a career in Law Enforcement and joining the League City Police Department.

Attendees will be introduced to our Recruiting team and be able to ask questions during a small presentation. Following the Q&A session, a brief station tour will be given. Attendees will then be given the opportunity to practice our Physical Assessment Test (P.A.T.). The Practice P.A.T. is given at the same standards as our Official P.A.T. Those who choose to practice the P.A.T. can practice all or any portion of the test (minus the mile and half run). Please come dressed in PT gear if you plan on practicing the P.A.T. 

This is an informal event, and we welcome all who are interested in joining the League City Police Department Team.

Event Dates

1. December  9, 2021 @ 6 PM (Thursday)

2. December  14, 2021 @ 6PM (Tuesday)

3. December 20, 2021 @ 6PM (Monday)

When registering for the Recruiting Event at LCPD, please place a 12 or 3 before your last name to indicate which event you would like to attend.

Example: ( #, last name, first name )   2 Doe, John 

To register for the Recruiting Event at LCPD, following the link below and complete the form. 

A confirmation email will NOT be sent back to you at this time. 

Register for Recruiting Event at LCPD


Hiring Process 

  • Meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Pass written portion of civil service exam.
  • Pass physical assessment test.
  • Pass a comprehensive background investigation.
  • Pass oral review board.
  • Complete and turn in the personal history packet.
  • Pass polygraph, medical exam, and drug test.
  • Pass psychological test and evaluation.
  • The official offer of employment. 
  • Certified applicants enter the field training program.
  • Non-certified applicants are sent to a local police academy. The academy will be chosen and paid for by the department. The cadet will be paid while going through the academy, cadets will enter the field training program.

Personal History Statement (Background packet)

All applicants must successfully pass each of the following steps to be considered for employment with the League City Police Department. The process is thorough and will take between 80-180 days.

Anyone who passes the civil service exam and the physical assessment test is required to submit a personal history statement to continue with the hiring process. The deadline to submit the packet will be announced on the day of the exam. No packets will be accepted until after testing is completed.

The packet should be completed fully and accurately. To ensure that the packet is submitted by the deadline, it is recommended that you begin completing the packet now. The Personal History Statement (PDF) and applicable required documents (listed on page 47) should be submitted to the Human Resources Department located at 300 West Walker by scheduling an appointment for drop-off at 281-554-1010. Note: If you have trouble opening the Personal History Statement packet, you will need to do one of the following:

  1. Try using a different browser: Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, or Internet Explorer
  2. Right-click on the link and save the file to your desktop. Open the file, complete the forms, and print.
  3. Install the proper Adobe add-on for the browser you are using to open the packet.
  4. If you are still having difficulties, please review this link: Personal History Statement Download Tips (PPT)