High Water Consumption

Garden sprinkler on the green lawn

An Unusually High Water Bill is Most Often Caused By A Leak or Change In Water Usage

I received an abnormally high bill, what are my options?

Check your bill to see what the consumption period you are being billed for

  • Did you have fix or replace anything during this time?
  • Did you have guests during the consumption period?
  • Did anything happen that was abnormal during this consumption period?

Verify the read on your bill

  • Check the Water Tracker and verify the read on the bill. Ensure that the current read is more than the read on your bill.
  • If the read is incorrect, contact our office so that we can correct any issue that may exist.

 Check your irrigation settings

  • Did you or your landscaper increase or make changes to your watering schedule?
  • Was there a recent power outage that could have reset your settings?

Check your property for a potential leak

  • Check the following areas to ensure that there is not a leak. Follow the Smart Home Water Guide to give you step by step instructions on how to check your property for leaks.

I Found a Leak What Now?

 Get the leak fixed as soon as possible

  • Contact a professional to fix your leak.

 Save the receipt of repair

Common Causes of High Consumption

  • A leaking toilet.

  • A toilet that continues to run after being flushed.

  • Irrigation systems: automatic settings or over irrigation.

  • Water softener problems.

  • Dripping faucet.

  • A broken pipe or water heater issue.