Broken pipe with water bursting out

From February 15th to February 19th, the City of League City experienced unprecedented freezing temperatures. During these temperatures, many residents experienced pipe breaks and leaks. The City of League City offers leak adjustments to customers who meet the following qualifications:

  • Consumption during the leak must exceed your normal annual average consumption. If you have not been a resident for a full year, we will qualify you based on the City average of 8,000 gallons.
  • You must submit a request online and send any repair tickets or receipts.  
  • Your billing statement that shows the high consumption must be generated.

Click here to submit a leak adjustment request

When Will I See An Adjustment?

Utility Billing will review your request and reply to you via email within 14 business days of the request or after the bill has been generated with the results of your request.  

Utility Billing will then adjust your account an average if it qualifies.

Things to Remember

You are responsible for making payments or arrangements while your request is under review. If you are enrolled in automatic payments, the full amount of the bill will be processed on the due date. If this is not the desired result, please contact our office to discuss options.  

A bill must be generated for a Utility Billing Representative to review your adjustment.

There may be a delay or rejection in receiving an adjustment if you have not submitted the request and a receipt of repair.

How to Locate and Shut off Your Personal Valve

Watch the video below to learn how to shut off your personal valve if you have a leak or to prevent leaks during freezes.