Adoption Fees

Two senior women with dog.

League City Animal Care's normal adoption fee is $75 for all pets. We often offer reduced fee events and may waive or reduce the adoption fee for individual animals as well!

Adoption Fee includes spay or neuter surgery, appropriate vaccinations including rabies vaccines, and microchip. Adopters are also eligible for 30-days of free pet insurance!

  • Baby Boomer Buddy: Adopters 65 years of age or older qualify for 50% off our normal adoption fees!
  • Pets for Patriots: 50% off our normal adoption fees for veterans w/ proof of service. To apply to receive additional adoption benefits, please visit Pets for Patriots.
  • Heart to Heart Adoption: Adopting a heartworm positive dog may daunting at first, but it's really not as scary as it may seem! Heartworms are treatable and not contagious to your other pets. League City Pets Alive have graciously sponsored half of the treatment fee, and we have reduced the adoption fee to 50% off our normal adoption fee!
    So what can you expect? The heartworm treatment cost to adopters ranges from $115-$250, depending on the weight of the dog. During the treatment period, your new pet will need to reduce exercise and enjoy calm activities with you. Once the treatment is complete, your pet can resume normal activities and can go back to being your partner in life's adventures!

Current Adoption Promotion:

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