Animal Protection

Our Animal Protection Officers are here to serve our community. Officers respond to service calls in the community, ranging from barking complaints to animal welfare checks. They also help the community by hosting low-cost services for the public at our Adoption Center.

We have moved away from the antiquated “Animal Control” model toward a more progressive model in which our Officers serve to protect, not control, both human and animal life, through a variety of services aimed at educating, supporting the public, and working to keep pets and families together.

Calls for Service

The Animal Protection Officers are available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and will respond to calls for:

  • Loose or stray animals
  • Barking complaints
  • Injured animals (including wildlife)
  • Welfare Checks/Cruelty reports
  • Humane trap pickups (domestic animals only)
  • Animal Bites to humans

To request assistance from an Animal Protection Officer, please call the police dispatch line at 281-332-2566.

There is an on-call officer available 7 days a week after hours for emergency calls only, including:

  • Animal bites to humans
  • Injured Animals

For more information on our Animal Protection Services, email