Resources & Support for Pet Owners

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At League City Animal Care, we are all about saving pets and serving our community! We host a variety of events at our Adoption Center to provide free or low-cost services to members of our community.

Low-Cost Pet Wellness &

Spay/Neuter Appointments

Spay/neuter and routine vaccinations are important elements for responsible pet ownership, but high veterinary costs can keep the services out of reach for some pet owners. To help ease this, we host Pet Vaccination Services (PVS) each month for multiple low-cost spay/neuter and pet wellness events!

View upcoming PVS events & pricing, or follow us on Facebook to see the latest updates.

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Microchips are a permanent way to identify a pet and are a key element in reuniting a lost pet with their family. Microchips can reunite families long after a collar or tag may fall off or be removed – sometimes reuniting missing pets years later and several states away! We offer microchipping daily during our regular business hours!

  • League City Residents: $5
  • Non-Residents: $15

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Community Pet Pantry

At LCAC, we understand that times have been difficult, but we believe that ensuring your best friend is fed shouldn’t have to be. If you need assistance, we are here for you.

Visit our Pet Pantry page to learn more and request assistance.

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Training Resources

League City Animal Care partners with Good Pup to provide our adopters, fosters, and community members with convenient, affordable, science-based dog training. GoodPup Training is fast and effective, because it's designed for how dogs (and dog parents) learn. Their trainers are fully invested in you and your dog. Chat with them any time, as much as you need. They are there to provide individualized support, advice, and motivation, and are as excited as you are to celebrate your dog's transformation. The best part? All of our adopters, fosters, and community members are eligible for discounted rates and GoodPup donates to our shelter for every person who signs up for training!

Get started with a free week of GoodPup training.

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Other Local Resources is a database of free or low cost pet support services like veterinary care, pet food pantries, temporary pet care, and more.

Visit the GOPAH (Give Our Pets A Hand) website to find help with local resources, veterinary bills, housing issues, end of life care, cruelty resources, and lost & found tips.

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Adopter & Pet Owner Information

Find detailed informational pages on helping your new pets adjust at home, introducing pets, safety around children, body language and more, along with a link to helpful video resource playlists on our Adoption Resources page.