About us

League City Animal Care is here to serve our community and provide a safe and nurturing environment for each animal that comes through our doors. We are the only municipal no-kill animal shelter in Galveston County.

Our services range from stray animal intake and medical treatment to training programs and humane education. We also provide animal protection services, including animal welfare checks, noise complaints, injured wildlife calls, and more. Our Animal Protection Officers serve to protect both human and animal life.

LCAC is able to provide animals with quality care because of our dedicated staff and a community that is committed to supporting us by volunteering, adopting, and donating.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide humane education to the public, promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals, dedicate compassionate care to animals and find homes for homeless animals while working to support public safety through the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals and the welfare of the citizens of League City.

Our Core Values

Innovative - Solving "Unsolvable" Problems

We reject the belief that killing pets is inevitable, so we innovate to find lifesaving solutions. We continue to save lives by following the leaders of the No Kill movement and we are constantly pursuing best practices in lifesaving sheltering. We strive to build a better machine than the killing one.

Inclusive - People are the Solution, Not the Problem

We meet volunteers, adopters, fosters, donors, advocates, shelters, and our community where they are, because we recognize that the vast majority of people are good. We strive for educating and understanding versus judgement and exclusivity.

Driven - No-Kill Now

It is our obligation to overcome the obstacles to lifesaving, and we are driven to find measurable, attainable solutions to shelter killing as fast as humanly possible. The only way to stop the killing is to actually stop the killing, and we must diligently measure our actions against the outcomes of kill rates. We will not allow ourselves to be deterred or distracted from saving lives by the outspoken few that choose to focus on the negative. We share our data and resources to help fight for No Kill.

Resourceful - Perfect is the Enemy of Lifesaving

Until pets are not at risk of death in shelters, we will never insist on buying new, wasting assets, using only paid staff, or relying solely on transfer. We rely on ourselves, our community, and the resources around us to save lives who have nothing else. 

Respectful - Respect Life

We pride ourselves on the respect, value, and love we give to each individual animal and balance that with respect we give to pets as a whole group. We strive to extend that to each individual human, no matter the circumstances, and to the whole world we live in.