Public Works First Responders

Public works first responder logo 2

Federally-Mandated Role as First Responders

In 2017, the American Public Works Association approved the adoption of the "Public Works First Responder" symbol to identify public works personnel and acknowledge their federally-mandated role as first responders.

The true value and need for League City's Public Works Department was critically evident during the February 2021 winter storm, as street, traffic, water, wastewater, and line repair crews worked around the clock for days to keep our citizens safe and protect League City's vital infrastructure.

Public works management wearing hard hats & safety vests standing in front of public works vehicle

Dedication and Service

In addition, public works crews responded to nearly 2,000 calls from residents regarding broken pipes in their homes. At each call, more often than not, crews assisted not just one homeowner, but an entire block. We thank the 258 men and women in League City's Public Works Department for their dedication and service to our community.