Husband and wife planning while using laptop with their young son 2.

Disaster and Emergencies Can Strike without Warning, is Your Family Prepared?

In the wake of a disaster, often jurisdictions lose the ability to provide basic functions, such as water, gas, and power. Your family’s emergency plan can often be the difference between a minor inconvenience and catastrophic loss.

Your Pre-disaster Plan Should Address:

  • Types of hazards that can affect your family
  • Evacuation or shelter-in-place/ride-out trigger points
  • Escape/evacuation routes
  • Rally or Muster Points
  • What zip zone you live in
  • Family communications plan (How are you going to communicate should you get separated? Be sure to account for any young children, functional access needs, pets, and elderly)
  • How you are going to receive alerts and warnings

If you or a family member may need help during an evacuation, please register for assistance by calling 211 or visiting the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry. A family disaster plan template can be located at the Ready website.