Leisure Lane & Pecan Orchard Area Drainage Study

Aerial map of the leisure lane and pecan orchard area drainage study.

Scope of Study

The purpose of this project is to provide preliminary services for a drainage study in the Leisure Lane and Orange Grove area. A hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) drainage study will be performed to determine level of service for existing drainage infrastructure, identify problem areas and undersized components of the system, recommend improvements to lower water surface elevations on properties, and verify that the proposed improvements do not result in an impact to water surface elevations or flows into receiving streams. The project location is bound by League City Parkway (FM96) on the North, Meadowlark Lane on the West, Weeks Ave on the East and Orange Grove on the South. Based on these studies and recommendations for improvements, the City will determine next steps.

Final Drainage Study

The drainage study has been completed and can be downloaded with the below link. The recommendation from the City’s consultant related to drainage improvements were to continue working on larger Benson Bayou Projects and proceed with Option 2 as outlined in the study.


Based on the findings of the completed Leisure Lane/Pecan Orchard Drainage Study, League City is requesting input on how to proceed with drainage improvements. Please feel free to share this email with your neighbors. The survey will allow 1 vote per IP address and will be open through the month of February 2022.

Public Meeting

At a public meeting held on May 19, 2021, the consultant and City Engineer discussed field findings and options pertaining to moving forward with the project. The drainage study should be completed in June 2021 and based on the studies and recommendations for improvements, the City will then determine the next steps moving forward regarding the project.  

Meeting Materials