Community Pet Pantry

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At League City Animal Care, we understand that times have been difficult, but we believe that ensuring your best friend is fed shouldn't have to be. If you need assistance, we are here for you.

Our Community Pet Pantry offers free pet food and other supplies (such as collars, leashes, flea prevention, kennels/carriers or other items as available) to members of our community who need assistance. There are no income or residency requirements for this program.

Pet Pantry programs such as this are an important aspect to the "no-kill equation" as they help reduce financial burdens on pet parents and help them keep their pets in their homes where they are already loved and cared for. We believe that someone should never have to choose between keeping themselves or their human family members fed and keeping their furry family members fed. 

In the News:

Learn more about how our Pet Pantry supports our community in this article from the Bay Area Citizen!

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance with pet supplies, please complete our brief Pet Pantry Request Form.

One of our Animal Protection Officers will follow up with you within a week to learn more about your current needs and offer options for assistance.

Please note that because of limited supply availability, this program is only for owned pets. We are not able to provide supplies for community cats, feral colonies, or stray dogs at this time.

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Want to help?

We call this program a Community Pet Pantry because it is BY the community and FOR the community!

This program receives no tax-payer funding is supported entirely by the generosity of members of the public!

If you would like to get involved, we welcome donations and encourage you to browse our Wishlist to see which items we currently need most!

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