David and Stacey Quartaro

sicilian village

Tell us about Sicilian Village.

We are a family-run business that sells olives that are packed with flavor. Our tasty olives come from an Italian family recipe that was passed down from my grandfather and generations before him. We are happy to say that we are partnered with H-E-B, and we have sold our olives in over 1,000 locations and we’re stilling growing.

What moved you to want to start up your company?

David: My grandfather. He was always saying that he wanted me to start this business but to wait until he passed away, even though I personally wanted to go into business with him. When he passed, I felt this fire in me and I knew I needed to start up Sicilian Village.

How long have you been in business? 

Officially, since 2004, so 17 years. With H-E-B, we have been on the shelf for about five years now. 

Tell us about the meaning behind “sharing the legacy.” 

David: I came up with this tagline and it means bringing the culture and nostalgia of Sicily from our family to yours.

What is the best part about running your business?

David: I love my life, I love what I do, I love getting up in the morning and working with my family, I love seeing the product at H-E-B, and the sales and people telling me that I'm sold out again. I am truly blessed. 

What do you love about League City?

We love that League City has a lot to offer in every stage of your life, whether it be starting out as a young individual, starting a business, finding good work, or settling down to retire. You can make it happen here and let your roots grow. League City has been really good to our family.

How do you stay in touch with what’s happening in the city?

We read the newsletter that comes out and we have neighbors who work for League City and update us about new developments and changes.

What do you think makes League City unique?

The community and people. They are friendlier, well-grounded, and genuine. 

Favorite restaurant to dine in?

Craft 96 or Red River Cantina.

Describe League City in one or two words.

Exceptional. Genuine.

You can order Sicilian Village’s olives directly from the website or find them at your local H-E-B!