Ricardo Rivera

rick rivera standing in behind a blue kayak and holding a paddle

Tell us about yourself and your kayak rental company.

Kayaking started as a hobby for me. I love being outdoors, being active, and I’m always looking for different activities for my fitness regime. I’ve been kayaking for several years now. I started to realize that there was a need for recreational kayaking and access to rental kayaks in League City because whenever my girlfriend and I would go to take our kayaks to the creek to launch, people constantly asked us where we were renting our kayaks. As of now, Clear Creek Kayaks operates remotely on the weekends, and it is going on its’ third year of business. I don’t have a storefront location right now since I have a full-time job and only have the weekends available for rentals. But, it’s still super easy for people to book reservations for their kayak rentals via phone or email, and I’ll show up with my trailer full of kayaks to whichever launch site we decide to meet at. Kayaking isn’t just for the hardcore kayakers. It can be for the birdwatchers and the people who want to enjoy the creek’s scenery. I have rented to a wide variety of people, including corporate groups, big or small families, and even family reunions. 

Favorite part about your business? 

It’s my passion. It’s not like my usual 9-to-5 job. It may be physical labor, but I still get to enjoy it along with my clients and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been a personal trainer in the past and I always want to help people be in better shape, and kayaking is a great way to do that. 

When is the best time to go kayaking?

As long as there is some sun, it’s a great time to be on the water. During the summer, going in the early mornings or in the late afternoons is also the perfect time. It does depend on the weather though, and I give launch recommendations to kayakers (especially beginners) based on weather, time, and environmental conditions.

Any advice for kayak beginners?

The Clear Creek Paddle Trail in League City is a great place to start for beginners. Each launch site is easy to access. The creek is calm, and we always give a tutorial of basic information before we launch, so people have the basics down. I would say to beginners: try it before you buy it. Make sure to rent a kayak or try a friend’s kayak before thinking about purchasing one. Life jackets are also a must. And make sure that you’re going with someone who knows water safety and water etiquette, like the right-of-way for boats.  

Do you live in League City?

Yes. I’ve lived in League City since 1992. Being a part of the community is great and it feels good to be a part of what League City has to offer to their residents. My kids grew up here and they’ve been involved with sports all their lives, so I’ve been engaged with the city and community for as long as I can remember.

What’s your favorite park in League City?

Heritage Park. It’s my favorite in terms of access to the launch site. It’s also just a beautiful park. Countryside is a close second. 

What’s your favorite League City event?

The Holiday in the Park parade. Or any event that Clear Creek Kayaks can participate in, like the Clear Creek Paddle Race and the Big Sit. It’s been a pleasure working with the City at these events. 

Describe League City in three words.

It’s my city. 

What is your favorite thing about League City?

The community feel to it. It has that small city feel. I really enjoy being close to the water. 

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