Thirty-Six Inch Waterline – SH 3 to South Shore Harbour Booster Pump Station


$20 million

Scope of Work

The project includes furnishing, installing, and providing all labor and materials required to install approximately 17,730 linear feet of new 36-inch diameter potable water pipeline, including approximately 9,660 linear feet of horizontal directional drill installation, approximately 1,995 linear feet of 36-inch diameter pipe inside a 54-inch diameter steel casing installed by trenchless methods, and 6,075 linear feet of open cut installation. This project also includes valves, fittings, restraints, tree protection, erosion control, traffic control, and all required appurtenances, including connections to the existing State Highway 3 booster pump station and the South Shore Harbour booster pump station and incidentals required for the project.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Edgewater Subdivision

Project Status as of August 2023

The contractor has two air release valves left to install in the Edgewater Community in Webster, which are expected to be delivered and installed by the end of October 2023. The contractor completed installation of the 36-inch waterline under SH 3 and the waterline in an area near the Old Galveston Road. They have also completed an underground crossing of the waterline at the Genco Canal and the jack and bore work at Davis Road and FM 270.  The next major phase of the project, which is approximately 50% of the work, is the installation of the fusible PVC pipe. TCH, the City’s drilling contractor, mobilized to the first drill site, which is near the South Shore Booster Pump Station on FM 518 and Louisiana Ave. on May 22. Drilling operations of 2,400 linear feet of fusible PVC is complete for this first drill from South Shore Harbor Booster pump station to Marina Bay Drive. Preparations for the second drill operation at the Nature Center to the Edgewater Community began in June and completed on August 21st.  The 3rd and final drill from the Nature Center to Davis Road will begin in September and complete in early November.  Due to these activities, the park will remain closed through November 2023. Also, lane closures on FM 270 will begin August 28th and are planned to remain in place until early November.

Project Manager Contact Information

Marcos Garcia
Phone: 281-554-1486
Email Marcos Garcia

Aerial map of 36-inch waterline project with Project Boundaries.

Aerial map of 36-inch waterline project with Project Boundaries.