Westside Well and Booster Pump Station


$7.2 million

Scope of Work

The purpose of this project is to provide additional water supply to the City's water distribution system and a redundant water source to the Bay Colony and the south-central areas of the City. The site for this station is a 2.118-acre tract of land, located on Calder Road, at the southernmost point of Bay Colony/League City. The site has direct access to the 39-inch GCWA Water Transmission Line and the City's 24-inch Water Distribution Main. Bay Colony's only source of water supply is from the City's Calder Road booster station. Currently, there is no redundant water supply. The addition of the water well at the southern end of Bay Colony/League City will enhance the availability of water supply during peak demand periods.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Calder Road near Bay Colony

Project Status as of May 2022

The design for this project is currently 90% complete. 

Project Manager Contact Information

Marcos Garcia
Phone: 281-554-1486
Email Marcos Garcia

Aerial Map of the Westside Well and Booster Pump Station with Project Boundaries

Aerial map of the Westside Well and Booster Pump Station with Project Boundaries.