Glen Cove Lift Station Dry Pit/Wet Well Conversion



Scope of Work

This dry pit lift station is one of several that have been subjected to flooding during tropical weather events of the past where the complete function of the facility was lost until electrical and pumps could be restored. These proposed conversion improvements will enhance operability and safety of these sites for the long-term future.

The scope for this project shall consist of:

  • Conversion of the existing dry/wet pit configuration to a standard submersible lift station configuration
  • New pumps and piping
  • New controls and electrical
  • Structural modifications to convert dry pit station to submersible station
  • New hatches and safety grates
  • New discharge piping and valves
  • Coat wet well
  • Miscellaneous minor items

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Cypress Bay and Amalfi Dr. 

Project Status as of August 2023

City Council awarded the construction contract to Matula & Matula Construction, Inc. in June 2022. Contract time for the construction is 320 days and has been extended 242 days for delay in materials. All demolition activities have been completed. City Council approved a change order on July 25th to perform major rehabilitation work and recoating of the wet well side walls as their condition was worse than expected after blast cleaning operations concluded. The contractor is currently working on restoration activities and new equipment installation. Construction is estimated to be complete September 2023.

Project Manager Contact Information

Scott Tuma
Phone: 281-554-1431
Email Scott Tuma

Aerial Map of the Glen Cove Lift Station with Project Boundaries.

Aerial Map of the Glen Cove Lift Station with Project Boundaries.