SH 3 Lift Station Upgrade & Force Main Replacement



Scope of Work

The scope includes coating the interior of the wet well, replacing all existing piping, suction and discharge equipment, and installing new submersible pumps and controls. All existing piping is currently located inside the dry well section of the lift station. All new piping will be located above ground, thus eliminating confined space entry. New stainless-steel electrical panels, including a generator plug-in connection, will be included in the lift station upgrades.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted 

Site location is located off SH3

Project Status as of May 2022

A third 90% submittal, which addressed previous comments generated by City staff was submitted by the design engineer on May 20 for interdepartmental review. Acquisition of a 10-foot sanitary sewer easement that is needed for the proposed force main is currently ongoing. Pending City easement acquisition, construction is anticipated to bid in late June 2022.

Project Manager Contact Information

Jaime Dino
Phone: 281-554-1487
Email Jaime Dino

Aerial Map of SH 3 Lift Station Upgrade & Force Main Replacement.

Aerial Map of SH 3 Lift Station Upgrade and Force Main Replacement with Project Boundaries.