Mini Murals

Traffic box painted with bald eagle and American flag. text usa.
Traffic box painted with pink flowers.
Traffic box painted with fish and underwater plants.

If you’ve driven around League City recently your eyes have most likely spotted some colorful artwork located on the side of various intersections near a traffic light or signal pole. These artistic creations are called mini murals and they are just what their name implies—mini scenes and images better known as murals —which have been painted directly onto the gray metal boxes that house the technology for the city’s traffic signals. As part of League City’s Public Art Initiative, local and regional professional artists are being commissioned to hand-paint murals on signal boxes at various intersections across the city. Many of the artists are League City residents—including Adam Socie and Thelma Brown—while others live in the Clear Lake and Bay Area Houston area, including artist Anat Ronen and Doug Hiser. Each have been given instructions to create a design that relates to League City’s wildlife, natural habitats, scenic views, landscapes, and unique history.

Instead of being hand painted, several of the metal traffic boxes are covered in vinyl wraps that were graphically printed using the original designs of Clear Creek ISD students Cara Vajdos, Jocelyn Lopez, and Juliana Harrison. The three students submitted their artwork as part of a partnership between the city and the school district. Look for more painted mini-mural and wrapped traffic boxes in the future.  

Interactive Map of City’s Painted Traffic Boxes