Patrons of the Parks and Arts Foundation

Formerly known as the League City Patrons of the Parks Foundation, the non-profit group has recently amended its name and purpose to include a mechanism for citizens, businesses, corporations, and foundations to donate and engage in League City’s Public Art Initiative.

Now known as the League City Patrons of the Parks and Arts Foundation, this 501c3 is recruiting individuals, families, and businesses to join the Foundation for a small membership fee and to engage, collaborate, and support League City’s efforts to:

  • Focus public attention on services, needs, resources, and City initiatives as it relates to public art, cultural services, parks, recreational facilities, programs, and efforts to beautify the city and preserve its natural resources and assets.
  • Stimulate membership and involvement to assist in the City’s public art initiative, preservation and beautification initiatives, and efforts to maintain and improve the City’s parks, trails, and recreational facilities/programs.
  • Stimulate benefactions such as gifts, monetary donations, endowments, and bequests for public art and land dedicated for public parks.
  • Those interested in supporting and joining the League City Patrons of the Parks and Arts Foundation can do so at a variety of annual membership levels including $15 for an individual membership, $25 for a family membership, and $50 for a business membership. Membership is good for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2023.

All members of the Foundation are invited to quarterly meetings to discuss City projects, initiatives, programs, events, and subcommittee work. Three members of the Foundation will be nominated and voted in to serve on a seven-person Executive Board that will include two members of the League City Parks Board and two members of the Keep League City Beautiful Committee. The first meeting of the Foundation in January of 2023 will include the nomination of the three individuals to serve on the Executive Board. If interested in joining or for more information, email