Art Events

White Linen Night ArtFest

Annually each summer

League City's first White Linen Night ArtFest took place in the summer of 2022, where thousands of people strolled the oak-lined streets of the Historic District to enjoy and experience art. White Linen Night pays homage to a centuries-old New Orleans tradition of wearing white clothes while socializing outdoors in the summer heat. In addition to donning white, attendees walk through the League City Historic District to view, and even purchase, a variety of art while listening to live music and entertainment, enjoying food and beverages from local food trucks, and learning more about League City’s past. The event also includes a car show featuring vintage vehicles from the past 60 years. The 2023 White Linen Night ArtFest is on Saturday, June 10 from 4 to 8 p.m. Learn more about this year's event.

People exploring booths at White Linen Night

Plein Air Paint Out

In January 2022, League City collaborated with the Outdoor Painters Society and the Bay Area Painting Society to host a “Plein Air Paint Out.”

Plein air is a French term for “out of doors” and refers to the practice of painting an entire finished picture outside. Artists from throughout the state gathered and set up art stations at League Park, as well as many other inspiring locations around League City’s Historic District, including Helen’s Garden, St. Mary’s Church, and Heritage Park. For two days, artists spent their time outside, painting their surroundings and what inspired them.

Many residents joined to paint, observe, or even purchase completed pieces for sale at League Park during the event. Clear Creek ISD teachers and students also participated in the event. A map of paintable locations within the historic district along with a swag bag were handed out to participants by League City staff.

A man paints a canvas in a park, a woman holds a canvas she just painted