Generator Permit Application Requirements

All permit applications should be submitted through the Online Permit Portal.  The following should be included with your submittal:

1. Survey/site plan with the location of the proposed generator and the distance from the closest property line and any easements

2. Complete specifications for the generator and automatic transfer switch that is to be installed

3. A letter of no objection from the utility company that services the address being permitted

*Sub electrical and plumbing permits will need to be applied for after generator permit issuance. See “How to Apply for Sub Permits” handout.

Where can I place my generator?

-A generator shall only be placed behind the front face of the house or primary structure.

-A generator should be placed no closer than three (3) feet to any property line.

*Equipment closer than 3-feet from the property line must be on the same side as the air conditioning unit and an access gate must be located on both sides of the structure.

-A generator cannot be placed in any easements located on the property.

-No construction or equipment in Utility Easements (U.E.) without written consent from the City and all franchise utility companies.

-Equipment and/or equipment pads cannot obstruct drainage flow and must be at or above the finished floor level of the primary structure except in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). If the pad is in a SFHA, the pad and equipment must be at the Base Flood Elevation plus 24’’. If ground mounted, the pad must be formed and poured concrete. Pre-fabricated pads and cinder blocks are not permitted.

-You should always check with your HOA prior to applying for a building permit. Often, HOA regulations differ from City regulations. Although you may have the City’s approval, you may need HOA approval to install a generator.

Generator Inspections

See Inspections page for information relevant to all inspection types. 

• Pre-pour inspection: verifying location and height of pad

• Gas line inspection

• Electrical (for reconnect inspection on the scheduled inspection day, call our office 30 minutes before the work will be complete and ready for inspection)

 A tech or representative will need to be on site to have the panels open for inspection before electrical inspections are complete.