Solar Panels

Solar Panel Permit Application Requirements

All permit applications should be submitted through the Online Permit Portal.

Solar Panel applications are reviewed by the Building Department and Fire Marshal’s Office.

Below is a list of the items checked for during the review:

  1. Site Plan with Aerial View
  2. Racking Layout
  3. Roof /Array
  4. Mounting Detail – Must be sealed by Engineer.
  5. Equipment Specification Sheets
  6. System Labeling Detail
  7. Electrical Diagram and Load Calculation – Must be sealed by Engineer.
  8. Structural calculations and letter from engineer related to the roof support – Must be sealed by Engineer.
  9. Scope of work/contract signed by property owner that includes dollar value.

Plans must be reference and compliant with the City of League Code adopted codes including the ultimate design wind speed.  

Solar Panel Inspections

See Inspections page for information relevant for all inspection types.

-Contact Fire Marshal at (281)554-1290 upon completion of installation for final site inspection to verify work was completed to plans and International Fire Code.    

-Must have WPI-8 uploaded online and approved by our office and approved Fire Marshal Inspection on file prior to requesting final inspection from the Building Department.   

*A tech or representative will need to be on site to have the panels open for inspection before electrical inspections are complete.

No disconnects are to be made without already having scheduled an electrical reconnect inspection with our office.