Musician Application Information

Thank you for your interest in the League City White Linen Night, A Local Art Affair! 

We are excited to continue offering this opportunity to artists, artisans, art appreciators, and patrons of the arts in our community. Some key elements of this event are having over 100 artist booths set up in the League City Historic District, food trucks, a place for kids to create art, sale of local beer, wine, & cider, and live music!

We are looking for local musicians to perform "on street corners" throughout the event. Each musician will be strategically placed, so there is no conflict or noise pollution from other musicians; but anywhere the attendees are strolling, they can hear live music. 

2024 General Event Information 

  • Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024
  • Time: 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. (setup information provided in approved musician packet)
  • Address: League Park, 512 2nd Street, League City, TX 77573, and surrounding historic district streets
  • Payment offer: $500 per group
  • Estimated number of attendees: 3,500-4,000 (based on previous two years attendance)

What is provided:

You will be provided with only the space to play, all placed among the 100-150 artist booths that will line the streets from League Park to Kansas Ave. Artist booths and musicians will be placed in League Park, along 2nd Street, 3rd Street, and Kansas Ave. 

Musicians will need to provide: 

Everything you need to play outdoors in the summer. Recommended items based on previous years include: 

  • *10’ x 10’ canopy tent. Canopy tents are available to purchase at most sporting goods stores, big box stores, Amazon, or borrow one from a friend! If purchasing a tent, please purchase a white tent as that will be a requirement in future years. For 2024, there is no color requirement, so if you already have a tent, bring what you have.
  • Tent weights or sandbags are required for safety. Tent stakes will not work due to placement on concrete and in areas of the park where in-ground irrigation is located. 
  • Water. It will be hot, and we don't want you to get dehydrated. Bring a cooler with ice and water.
  • Battery-operated fan
  • Sunscreen, hat, or other sun protection (some areas are more exposed to the sun than others)
  • Signage with your name. Make sure people know who you are and how to find you online.
  • Folding chair(s)


  • Musicians must play live for the majority of the event. Pre-recorded music should only be played during short breaks throughout the event time. Remember, we are creating ambiance and having musicians play live is part of the experience. 
  • We are looking for small groups that include 1 to 3 people.
  • Musicians must submit an application with a link to an online demo no later than May 1, 2024. 
  • Demos will be reviewed by the White Linen Night committee and chosen based on the best fit for the event. 


  • Can I put out a tip jar? Absolutely!
  • Can I sell merch? As long as it does not disrupt your playing, that is fine. If you do this, we recommend bringing someone along who can manage the sales of merch so you can focus on performing. 
  • Can I pick my spot? Unfortunately not, based on your answers on the application and the type of music you play, we will place you in a spot that we feel makes the most sense. Thankfully, there are no bad spots.

*Generators are not allowed. Minimal opportunities for power are available.   

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