League City Animal Services


League City Animal Services is a division of the League City Police Department and is responsible for the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals and fowl. The mission is to provide humane education to the public, promoting responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals, and to provide the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals and the welfare of the citizens of League City.

Animal control is dedicated to educating and informing the public of their responsibilities to their animals, their neighborhood, and ultimately to their community, then enforcing the ordinances of our city when our education efforts are not enough. Animal control strives to reduce the dangers and nuisances caused by irresponsible pet ownership and to protect pets from abuse.

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Other services provided include an adult and junior volunteer program, tours of the shelter, and guest speakers for a variety of audiences.

Adoption Information

If you are interested in adopting a Dog or Cat from the LCPA. You are now able to complete an online application. Our application is designed to help us match the best pet for your household. When you are ready to adopt from the LCPA, your information will be in our system and we will be able to help you find your next furry family member the next time you visit. Please remember if you are a renter, we do require proof you are able to have a pet at your household and that your pet deposit has been paid. Please be sure to bing a letterhead or a copy of your lease including the paid pet deposit. Get started:

Adoptions of cats and dogs is available during normal shelter business hours. The pet adoption fee is $75. This fee includes spay or neuter of the animal, rabies shot, first round of vaccines, and microchip. To view available pets, visit the Petfinder website.

Animal Issues

League City Animal Services is available 7 days a week from 8 a.m.  to 5 p.m. Animal control will respond to animal emergencies after normal business hours, including animal bites to a human and injured animals. For after hours response call the Police Department at 281-332-2566.

Helpful Information

  • League City requires dogs and cats to be on a leash if outside of a fenced area in a public place.
  • Dogs and cats are required to be registered with the League City Animal Shelter.
  • Your pet is required by law to be vaccinate for rabies.
  • League City has a city ordinance that addresses animal nuisances, requirements, occupancy, and a number of other questions that you may have. Please view the Code of Ordinances Article 1 Section 18 in its entirety.