Communications Center


The Communications Unit is responsible for receiving and transmitting pure and reliable emergency and non-emergency communication 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They also track emergency vehicles and collect, store, and disseminate other pertinent first responder information.

The Communications Unit Telecommunicators are often the first point of contact for citizen's needing first responder assistance. They also provide officers with a wide variety of support services that include conducting wanted person searches, driver's license checks and vehicle registration checks, by computer through the state and national law enforcement computer networks.


Communications Unit personnel are licensed through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCOLE), and all personnel are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch. The department utilizes a computer aided dispatch system to process police, fire, and EMS calls for service.


The Communications Unit is staffed with 21 full-time telecommunicators and two part-time telecommunicators. Each shift is supervised

Communications Manager Kim Hera

Communications Manager Kimberly Hera has been with League City Police Department since 2001. She was promoted to Communications Manager in April of 2010 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Letourneau University. Prior to becoming a member of League City Police Department, Kimberly served with the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas City Police Department.


Kimberly has extensive experience with and has displayed skill and determination in the improvement and creation of processes that enhance first responder communications. Her clarity of vision has helped propel her Communications Unit through times of growth and change.


The Communication Unit’s success is in large part a result of Kimberly’s passion, focus and proactive mindset. In addition to developing Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement programs, Kimberly enthusiastically fosters an environment where team building and creative problem solving is encouraged, resulting in an energetic and highly motivated team.


  • Assistant Communication Manager Daneille Grunden
  • Shift Supervisor Brandon Scott
  • Shift Supervisor Jeremy Hoarau
  • Shift Supervisor Lauren Kirby
  • Shift Supervisor (Vacant)