Heritage Park

Located on the east side of League City, this park features a playground, hike/bike trails, picnic areas, charcoal grills, fishing pond, a pavilion, canoe/kayak launch, the ending point of the Clear Creek Paddle Trail, and restrooms.



Clear Creek Paddle Trail

The Paddle Trail runs for 6.5 miles from the start point at Lynn Gripon Park at Countryside to the end point at Heritage Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of decorations can I bring?  You can decorate the location however you’d like as long as everything is properly cleaned up afterwards. Except NO glitter, paint, rice, confetti, or anything too small for easy pick up.
  2. When and how do I get my deposit back?  If you pay your deposit with cash or a check you will receive a check mailed 7-10 business days after your event to the address you provide. If you pay with a card the deposit will be reflected to your account within 7-10 business days after your event. 
  3. When is the latest I can reserve this location?  You must book your reservation at least a week in advance or Wednesday by noon 
  4. Are there lights available at the park?  No, there are no lights out at this park. 
  5. Is there electricity here? No
  6. Are there bathrooms? Yes, on the backside of the park.
  7. Are there grills at the park? Yes, there are a few grills out at Heritage park by the picnic tables near the parking lot. There is also 1 over by the pavilion. Coals must be completely put out and disposed of properly.
  8. Can I bring a moon bounce to set up outside? We allow moon bounces at this location. You MUST provide proof of liability at the time of your rental. Moon bounce company MUST bring their own generator and MUST use sand bags to weigh it down. NO stakes in the grounds. Water moon bounces are prohibited
  9. Do I need a valid fishing license to fish at Heritage Park? Yes, game wardens can still check you if you are fishing. 


Heritage Park Launch Site
Heritage Park