League City EMS has provided over two decades of quality emergency medical care to the citizens of League City. Please tour our site and feel free to contact us if you need further information or wish to join our team.


Greg Kunkel, EMS Chief
Phone: 281-554-1212
Email Greg Kunkel

Kevin Frieze, Paramedic
Assistant Chief Operations
Phone: 281-554-1208
Email Kevin Frieze

Nicole Smith, Licensed Paramedic
Assistant Chief Administration
Phone: 281-554-1207
Email Nicole Smith

David Brandt, Paramedic
Training Officer
Phone: 281-554-1212
Email David Brandt

Tamara Frieze, Paramedic
QA Coordinator and Records Requests
Phone: 281-554-1210
Email Tamara Frieze

EMS Supervisors

Chris Claggett, Licensed Paramedic
Phone: 281-924-5293
Email Chris Claggett

Chris Treat, Paramedic
Phone: 281-924-5293
Email Chris Treat