Budget and Project Management


300 W. Walker
League City, TX 77573

League City, TX 77573

Name Title Email Phone
Steelman, Angie Executive Director of Finance and Project Management 281-338-4186

Budget Office 

Name Title Email Phone
Cochran, Robin Budget & Financial Planning Manager 281-554-1371
Leslie, Sarah Financial Analyst 281-554-1347
Clark, Kristin CIP Projects Administrator 281-554-1363
Bradley, Gwendolyn Financial Analyst 281-554-1373
Harris, Monike Financial Analyst 281-554-1268

Project Management 

Name Title Email Phone
Bavarian, Ron Executive Director of Capital Projects 281-554-1457
Davis, Cara Assistant Director of Project Management 281-554-1267
Oyler, Susan Senior Project Manager 281-554-1453
Duke, Bob Parks Planner/Project Manager 281-554-1456
Hernandez, Heidi Land/Right of Way Specialist 281-554-1459
Tuma, Scott Senior Project Manager 281-554-1431
Webb, Susan Project Technician 281-554-1436
Talluto, Anthony Project Manager 281-554-1451
Doyle , Jay Senior Project Manager 281-554-1454
Garcia, Marcos Senior Project Manager 281-554-1486
Carder, Danny Project Manager 281-554-1443
Dino, Jaime Project Manager 281-554-1487
Waldon, Angie Executive Assistant 281-554-1458