High Consumption

Why is my bill so high?

Your bill could be higher than normal for many reasons. There are several steps that you can take to see why you received a high bill. 

  • Check the service dates on your bill. Did you have anything abnormal happening during the service period? (i.e. house guests, pool fill, pressure washer, someone left the hose on).
  • Check the water tracker to see what days the consumption came out and whether the consumption is still abnormal.
  • Use the checklist to make sure that you do not have a leak. 
  • If you are unable to find a leak or reason for the high consumption, give us a call at 281-554-1335 and we will investigate your account.

Do I have a leak?

For the most part, Utility Billing is unable to verify that you have a leak. What we can do is check the water tracker for patterns, verify that the meter is reading accurately and give you a recommendation as to what might be causing high consumption. We highly suggest that if you believe that you have a leak, to utilize the checklist and see if you can determine where the water is going.

What do I do if I found a leak?

If you find a leak, verify that the leak is on your side of the meter and get it fixed as soon as possible. Once the leak is fixed, submit a Leak Adjustment Request online, along with repair receipts, and we will review your account for a possible adjustment. Please note that any adjustment will be made after we can see that the high consumption has gone back down to your normal water consumption range.

How do I know that my meter is reading accurately?

If you believe that your meter is reading inaccurately, there are a few home tests that you can do to see if the meter is reading your consumption accurately. 

  • Manually turn off all the water in your home and check the meter to ensure that there is no water reading on the meter.
  • Do a test run over night or for a scheduled amount of time. Turn off all water for allotted timeframe then check the water tracker in the morning. Verify with the tracker that no water was recorded at any time during the allotted timeframe. 

If you are questioning the accuracy of the meter after doing manual testing, we will do the following to ensure accuracy:

  • A Meter Technician will go out to the house and check the functionality of the meter. 
  • A Utility Billing Representative will check the tracker for patterns and high consumption.
  • If the meter is reacting normally, then we can do a bench test to acquire the accuracy of the meter. This test requires us to remove the meter and replace it with a new meter. This test is at the cost of the resident.

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