When is my bill past due?

Your bill is considered past due any day after the due date and subject to penalties.

What do I do If I am unable to make a payment on or before the due date?

If you are unable to make your payment, please contact us at 281-554-1335 to discuss arrangements. We are happy to help!

Do you charge a late fee?

We charge a late fee/penalty of 10% of the bill the day following your due date. 

How long do I have before you cut off my water?

Any account that is more than 10 business days delinquent is subject to disconnection of service and all fees associated with reconnection. If you are experiencing hardship, please contact our office at 281-554-1335 to discuss payment arrangements.

How do I get my services reconnected when disconnected for delinquency?

If your services were interrupted for non-payment, please contact out office at 281-554-1335 to discuss payment arrangement and a timeframe to reconnect service.

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